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Launching the national festival for honoring Palestinian volunteers “Ounah” under the slogan “To celebrate and volunteer for Palestine; every olive tree deserves a volunteer”

Ramallah – Gaza – 27/10/2010 – The National Committee for honoring the Palestinian volunteers 2010 launched the national festival for honoring the Palestinian volunteers “Ounah” and opened nomination for Palestinian volunteers. This came in a press conference held in Sharek Youth Forum Headquarters and Activities Center on Thursday 28/10/2010 under the slogan “To celebrate and volunteer for Palestine; every olive tree deserves a volunteer”. The press conference was sponsored by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and initiated by Sharek Forum in partnership with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, the Palestinian Media Association, BYALARA, An-Najah University, Birzeit University, Al-Quds University, Al-Quds Open University, the Arab American University, Palestinian Federation for Youth NGOs, Palestinian Youth Union, Youth Local Councils, Palestinian Youth Organizations Network, Panorama, Our Jerusalem for Sports Federation, PMRS, Tamer, Sama for Youth and Development, Arab Youth Society-Baladna, Palestinian Foundation for Cultural Development, Steps Foundation, Partners for Sustainable Development, Juhoud for Rural Development, Students Forum, Ta’awn-Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center, Jerusalem Center for Women, Human Rights and Democracy Center – Shams, the National Committee for Summer Camps, Safeer Foundation, Development Work Center-Maan, PalSport, Palestinian Association of Education for Recruitment, Marada Charitable Society for Development, Youth Community Center, Leadership Center, Narsan Center, Palestinian Federation for Cars and Motor Cycles, etc, in addition to media partnership including Palestine TV and Satellite, Raya FM Radio, WATAN TV, Media Training and Production Center, Shabab Stop, Baylasan, Filistin As-Shabab, Amwaj, Al-Quds Educational TV and Maan News Network.

Sharek Executive Director, the Coordinator of the National Committee for Honoring the Palestinian Volunteers 2010 Bader Zamareh emphasized that the festival aims to honor those who adhered to their homeland and community through volunteerism, offered vital models of belongingness and creativity and contributed to building their homeland – Palestine.

PYALARA Media and Communication Director Rima Al-Hassan pointed out that the festival aims to promote the concept of volunteer work in Palestine by honoring a group of Palestinian proactive people who represent a vital model of giving for their communities. On this occasion gifts and prizes will be given to the winners in a ceremony held in Ramallah and Gaza in the presence of Palestinian and foreign personalities.

The Palestinian Youth Federation General Director Muharam Barghouthi indicated that the deadline for submitting the participation applications is 23 November 2010. The results will be announced in a special celebration to be held in the Palestinian Red Crescent Society Hall, pointing out that the prizes will be moral and symbolic.

Barghouthi clarified that the nomination criteria requires three years period of voluntary work, the candidate should have carried out one or more outstanding voluntary work whether in enriching the intellectual or cultural field or in the field of public services implementation. Moreover, the volunteer experience should be documented with official papers and certificates or recommendation letters from the candidates’ organizations in addition to the fact that volunteerism should be self-driven and implemented outside the official work hours.

The Youth Affairs Director at the Ministry of Youth and Sports Walid Atatra emphasized that the invitation is open for all age groups from both sexes especially in the marginalized areas and persons with special needs. Atatra added that the Ministry of Youth and Sports works on sponsoring and empowering the Palestinian Youth to highlight their community role, issues and devotion.

The NGO Higher National Board Coordinator Nisfat Al-Khufash clarified that the prizes will be given to five distinguished volunteers and a similar number of ideal volunteers and another similar number of voluntary work pioneers who meet the criteria. Al-Khufash added that the National Committee of the festival will choose the ideal man, ideal woman, ideal male young person, ideal female young person and ideal child.

On his part, the Youth and Volunteers Director at the Palestinian Red Crescent Society Khader Abu Sbeih said that the nomination is open for all community groups to present their experiences and voluntary models to honor them and highlight their achievements and innovations.